by Lynne Pearson

With the New Year many of us find it all to easy to fall into the trap of setting unrealistic fitness goals after an indulgent festive season which quickly prove impossible to sustain.

However, having signed up to take part in one of the four runs arranged by the Meadows Marathon you are far more likely to stay on track with your New Years resolutions.

The Meadows Marathon races take place on Sunday 6th March 2016. I hope many of you are progressing well with your training and if not please have a look at the Training Plan for new runners completing the fun run.

Following a training plan gives your workouts proper structure and helps you to ensure you set the time aside for training when trying to juggle other work , domestic and social commitments. It will also allow you to finish the run with a smile!

If you are planning on running the marathon and this is your first marathon you might be asking yourself what should I eat immediately before and during the race itself.

Here are my tips on race day nutrition:

- the marathon starts at 10:00 am allowing you time to eat a healthy breakfast. This should be your normal breakfast and not a time to try out something different! Porridge with fruit and honey or cereal with fruit or a bagel and peanut butter would all be good choices .30 mins prior to the race it is a good idea to have a small carbohydrate snack ie a small banana or a small cereal bar.

- carbohydrate reserves will for most runners need to be topped up after 90 mins or so and then every hour or so thereafter. Sports gels are good to have at these intervals but sweet snacks like jelly beans can work just as well. Try different options on your training runs to ensure no stomach upsets on race day itself.

Lynne Pearson
Edinburgh City Personal Trainer

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