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We encourage you to make use of public transport to and from the event. You can check bus routes and times here. If you need to drive, please be aware that Crichton Street and George Square will be closed for the event. You can check available parking here.


Registration will no longer take place in Potterrow Dome and will take place on the other side of Bristo Square inside Teviot Row House, 13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ. Here, you will collect your runner number, which is chipped to give you your run time. To make this process quick and easy, we recommend downloading the RaceNation app. If you can’t access the app, don’t worry – you’ll just need to give us your name and postcode when you register. For relay teams, only one person needs to register and collect everything needed for their team. Please take note of the registration, warm-up and start times for each race in the table below.

                             Full/Relay         10K            Half                  5K

Registration      0830-0945   0930-1045   1130-1245    1300-1415

Warm up               1000              1100             1300               1430

Start                        1015               1115             1315                1445

Laps                         18                   4                   9                      2


There will be a secure baggage area within Teviot Row House, where you registered, where you can leave personal belongings free of charge. We operate a strict policy of one backpack-sized bag per person. You will be issued with a wristband which corresponds to a sticker on your bag so you can retrieve it with ease at the end of your race.
We do not accept liability for loss, damage or theft of belongings.


There will be toilet facilities available in the Teviot Row House area as well as public toilets on the route.


Warm-ups will take place at Bristo Square, 15 minutes before the start of each race. This is optional but we recommend taking this opportunity to warm up and get pumped up for your race!


The Start/Finish Line is at Charles Street, between Bristo Square and George Square. We ask that faster runners to move towards the front before starting. Be aware that you may be started in wave dependant on the numbers for your race. This will not affect your run time as your chip will not start timing until you cross the line. You must have your runner number on for the duration of the race otherwise your run time will not be recorded.


The route is a clockwise circuit around the Meadows with a different number of laps for each race and turn-around points on Quartermile. See the full route map below.



The total number of laps for each race are shown in the table above. You are responsible for counting you own laps and can make use of lap counting apps to do so if needed.


We will have two hydration stations – one on the course by the Pavillion Café and one by the Start/Finish line – where you can get water and an M:X sports drink, both distributed in compostable cups. There will be bin bags along the route past the Hydration Station to drop your used cups into.
There will also be alcohol free beers provided by at the finish line for anyone who would like one.
There will also be a food station located in the South zone where you can pick up a banana provided by Tesco.


When you have completed your last lap, follow the signs for finishing runners which will direct you back onto George Square and to the Finish Line from Quartermile. We’ll be waiting to cheer you across the line!


Your run time will be displayed shortly after your race. Please be aware that in the first instance, these results are provisional. If you have any issues, please let us know by emailing


We’d like to thank all those who have made Meadows Marathon possible, including our generous sponsors and partners, GymTrees Not Tees and Tesco.


That’s all for now. If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by responding to this email. See you on the 6th of March!
The Meadows Marathon Team