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Logistics Officer

Role Description:

This role involves thinking about and coordinating all the practicalities of the event including organising water, liaising with the university on the route, and ensuring the event has everything it needs to succeed. This person should be highly efficient, logically minded and willing to take on ad hoc duties.

Where do they fit in?

The Logistics Coordinator reports directly to the MM Coordinator.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

·  Attend all sub-committee meetings

·  Sourcing quotes/costs

·  Procurement – medals, goody bags, t-shirts, etc.

·  Liaise with RAG Sponsorship Officer for donated goody bag items and with Vice Coordinators on publicity deals

·  Liaise with the University on MM route to ensure it doesn’t clash with any works

·  Liaise with local businesses and residents that may be affected by the event

·  Take on any other ad hoc tasks

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