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Marketing Officer

Role Description:

The Marketing Officer is responsible for developing and delivering a marketing and publicity strategy. They should devise new and innovative ways of engaging students. They liaise with event coordinators to determine the publicity requirements for each event, and work with sports and societies coordinator to develop publicity materials and schedules for events organised by other groups. They should ensure that a consistent and professional brand and message is presented across all channels.

Where do they fit in?

The Marketing Officer reports directly to the MM Coordinator.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Being in charge of all social media

  • Replying to messages about the event

  • Being in charge of Facebook ads and paid promotion

  • Writing a press release

  • Coming up with ideas for advertising

  • Sorting all the flyering and any other promotion for the event

  • Preparing photographers for the day

  • Being in touch with ambassadors and organising their role in the event

  • Being a point of contact for external business/companies involved in the event

  • Attending the event and doing the social media on the day

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