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Meadows Marathon Coordinator

Role Description:

Meadows Marathon (MM) Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the successful organisation of Meadows Marathon. They oversee/manage the whole of the MM committee. They engage with a wide variety of external parties including the Edinburgh Council, University, and emergency services. They ensure that the MM committee has a clear to do list with delegated responsibilities and completion deadlines. They must also oversee the logistical organisation of the event, recruitment of volunteers and registration of runners. Additionally, they must ensure that a budget (developed with the Finance Coordinator) and risk assessment are completed and proposed to the Trustees in a timely manner. They must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of their time, particularly in the immediate run-up to the event.

Where do they fit in?

The MM Coordinator directly manages the MM Vice Coordinators and Sub-Committee (Volunteers, Registration, Health & Safety, and Logistics Officers). They provide these officers with clearly delegated roles and responsibilities and support the officers in delivering the. The MM Coordinator reports directly to the RAG VP Events and is part of the Edinburgh RAG Core Committee.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

·  Oversee subcommittee to successfully organise the Meadows Marathon

·  Plan & chair regular subcommittee meetings – ensure there is a clear agenda, that minutes are taken and disseminated to subcommittee and that they include clear directions for Officers

·  Ensure the MM is delivered on time and on budget

·  Work with Finance Coordinator to create budget for MM

·  Provide a clear brief to Publicity Coordinator regarding what publicity, graphics etc are required to promote the event

·  Delegate tasks to vice coordinators and MM officers, and monitor their progress

·  Communicate progress of MM to core exec team

·  Ensure effective communication between MM team and external parties (e.g. University/ Edinburgh City Council)

·  Attend all relevant meetings

·  Any other general duties as can reasonably be expected

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