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Meadows Marathon Vice Coordinators X2

Role Description:

The MM Vice Coordinators work closely with the MM Coordinator to ensure the smooth organisation of Meadows Marathon. They oversee/manage the whole of the MM committee. They engage with a wide variety of external parties including the Edinburgh Council, University, and emergency services. They liaise with the other members of the committee to ensure that they are carrying out their tasks and helping where necessary. They must work with the MM Coordinator on the logistics of the event, recruitment of volunteers and registration of runners. They must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of their time, particularly in the immediate run-up to the event.

Where do they fit in?

They take directions from and report to the MM Coordinator and help them with every aspect of the event where needed. They help manage the rest of the team ensuring they are fulfilling their roles.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

·  Work alongside the MM Coordinator to oversee the successful organisation of Meadows Marathon

·  Attend all subcommittee meetings and stand in for the MM Coordinator if necessary

·  Attend all external meetings with the council and other third parties

·  Carry out any tasks as instructed by MM Coordinator

·  Help other member of the sub-committee to ensure that their tasks are carried out

·  Assist the MM Coordinator with any necessary jobs such as completing the budget, risk assessments, etc

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