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Why do we run?

As we all know, we have spent the majority of 2020 in some sort of lockdown. In this time, many of us have turned to exercise and running.

We took to social media to encourage each other to take part in running challenges and fundraising. But why has running helped so many of us through the past year?

One major benefit of running is fitness. Running is a superb way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. This reduces all types of risk like heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. Of course, feeling fit makes us feel amazing.

Cardiovascular exercises like running can create new brain cells which improve overall brain performance as well as physical performance. This will make you less forgetful, increase the sharpness of your brain and improve your decision making.

Running also leads to a calmer state of mind, and in stressful, uncertain times like this, can be the relief that we need. Endorphins are released during exercise and can give you the boost of happiness to keep you going.

While running, you are given the chance to explore. Take the time to get lost with yourself, you may stumble upon your new favourite place. Don’t be afraid to take a different route every now and again because you never know what you will discover.

And, most importantly, it’s fun. We do it because we enjoy it. Let us know your favourite things about running using hashtag #VirtualMeadowsMarathon


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