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I’m Andrew Davidson, Founder and Managing Director of M:X®. We aim to revolutionise the way that people hydrate during exercise through our unique delivery method – the Dual Hydration System. Used in conjunction with our unique sports drinks, the Dual Hydration System delivers plain water or sports drink on-demand, allowing you to tailor your fluid intake to your hydration and energy needs, without contaminating your hydration pack.

M:X® has been the hydration provider for Meadows Marathon for the last two years. Partnering with the event has been a brilliant opportunity to get our brand and products out there while supporting a load of fantastic causes. Though we're based in Stirling, we manufacture products just outside of Edinburgh, so it's great to be able to support a local event in the capital. After a successful virtual race in 2021, we're very much looking forward to getting back out on the Meadows this year for the return of the live event!

Twitter - @MixHydration

Instagram - @MixHydration

Facebook - @MixHydration


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