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Hi Runners!


Whilst we savour the moment we've been waiting so long for, we wanted to take this time to draw your attention to the wonderful Meadows Marathon team that have worked tirelessly over the last year or so to make this race so special despite the circumstances.

Whilst we were originally devastated that we weren’t able to deliver the event we have originally planned, we all quickly adjusted to new roles and jumped into putting our heart and soul into ways we could bring you an unforgettable Virtual Meadows Marathon 2021! Whilst this year has not been what any of us were expecting, the team have all taken on the challenge and flown with it! The dedication, talent and passion displayed by each member is commendable and without all of them, we can wholeheartedly say that this weekend would not be as special as it is destined to be!


Ana Blinstrubaite


Despite the challenge presented to her, Ana has embraced her role as coordinator this year. She did an excellent job of leading the team, keeping everyone involved and motivated throughout; acknowledging, and developing our ideas, putting her own twist on the event and creating a new way to bring Meadows Marathon to you guys this year. Ana has made sure to showcase each member of the team’s strengths throughout the planning process and provided each of us with the opportunity to get the most out of our Meadows Marathon experience! As well as letting us turn her living room into Meadows Marathon HQ! Thank you, Ana!


Henry Pillman

Vice-Coordinator | Logistics & Operations

Henry is an integral part of the Meadows Marathon Team, his dedication, talent and brilliant personality have been real highlights for the team this year and he is a true asset to the Meadows Marathon team. His main responsibilities this year have been overseeing and leading the operations team, coordinating the delivery routes and playing a vital part in the construction of the runner packs. As well as getting ALL his friends involved in running the race! Thank you, Henry!


Brodie Sutton

Vice-Coordinator | Sponsorship, Marketing & Partnerships

Brodie is at the core of the Meadows Marathon team. Without his enthusiasm, dedication and expertise we can honestly say the event would have had a totally different outcome. This year, Brodie has worked along side Gabi and Ana to create and design our marketing materials including a re-designed website. He also headed up our Sponsorship, Marketing and Partnerships team and was the brains behind our Runners' Area which has been very well received. Thank you, Brodie!


Charlotte Meredith

Logistics Officer

Charlottes energy, enthusiasm and all-round brilliance are infectious. Without her dedication to the cause, talent and skill, the event would surely have suffered. Charlotte spent her year liaising with suppliers to ensure that the quality and contents of the runner packs were of the highest standard possible, and coordinated the efforts to make sure everything was in the right place at the right time. Thank you, Charlotte!


Gabi Smart

Publicity Officer

Gabi is the brains behind our wonderful social media campaigns! Whilst she normally hides behind the posts, we wanted to make sure that her hard work and efforts didn’t go unnoticed! This year Gabi volunteered her creativity, knowledge and time to keeping you guys informed of any and all updates, whilst keeping you engaged and involved with our #VirtualMM21 and interacting with you all in the comments and DM’s! Thank you, Gabi!


Kirsty Tedford

Health and Safety Officer

Kirsty is a returning member of the committee and has this year played a vital role in the transition to virtual event. Kirsty’s dedication to your health and safety is commendable. She has spent this year researching the safest ways for us to bring Meadows Marathon to you, creating suggested routes and training as well as assisting with the delivery of your runner packs and being a constant source of positivity and expertise for her team members! Thank you, Kirsty!


Emilie Hansen

Sponsorship Officer

Emilie has been a devoted, hardworking and optimistic member of the team from the get-go. Emilie’s key responsibilities this year have included but are not limited to; finding and contacting potential sponsors, building relationships with them and negotiating some amazing things for you guys! Emilie has completed her role completely remotely this year, including from Norway since Christmas last year! Her dedication to the event and the runners is applaudable. Thank you, Emilie!


Torbjørn Svele Hagen

Registration Officer

Fulfilling the role of registration officer this year, Torbjørn has dedicated his efforts over the past year to working with RaceNation to make sure that the registration process is as easy and clear as possible for the participants. He has spent many a late-night perfecting this and replying to your emails, always happily assisting you all in any way he possibly could! He is a delight to be around and work with and we are lucky to have him on the Meadows Marathon Team! Thank you, Torbjørn!


Natalia Jurkun

Sustainability and Diversity Officer

A new addition to the Meadows Marathon team this year, Natalia has embraced her role with a smile at every stage. She never fails to make us smile and keep us all motivated. Natalia has spent the last year working with representatives from our chosen charities and sponsors to ensure they are as involved as possible and that you guys benefit from their involvement as much as possible! She has also spent time researching the most sustainable ways for us to deliver #VirtualMM21, from the contents of the runner packs to the soluble packing peanuts inside! Thank you, Natalia!


Emily Farrell

Participant Engagement Officer

Emily's initial role of Volunteers Officer was changed to Participant Engagement following our transition to a virtual event, and she's taken this in her stride! Emily is one of the most energetic members of our team, always full of ideas and up for a challenge. Her attitude is admirable in every situation. Go Emily!


Finally, thank you to each and every single one of this year’s participants. We cannot thank you enough for joining us this year! We are so proud of our #VirtualMM21 and without you guys it wouldn’t be possible! We cannot wait to share it with you this weekend!

See you on the (virtual) finishline!


The Meadows Marathon 2021 Team x


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