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Mercy in Action

Hello Meadows Marathon!

Mercy in Action was founded in 1995 and became a registered charity in 2003 as we began working amongst some of the poorest cities in the Philippines. As homelessness and food insecurity was rising in the UK, our team launched their first UK project, named "Petra", with the goal to provide homely environments for homeless mums and their babies. As we entered 2019, our CEO Allison Todd founded our second and third UK projects, named "Clothesline" and "Action Pantry", which was aimed to provide free food, quality clothing, shoes and school uniforms to children and young people facing hardship!

We are extremely thankful to be partnering with Meadows Marathon as one of their recipients and are excited to see the impact they will have on our community.

COVID -19 impacted our missions in the UK, but the Philippines truly suffered as unemployment rates increased, and lock downs began to truly affect the poorest of the poor. Thanks to our amazing team in both the UK and the Philippines, we were able to bounce back to helping those who need it!

Last but not least, a fun fact about our company is that we have served over a million hot lunches to children in the Philippines!


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