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Sustainability is our Mission

Within the increasing trend of sustainability among festivals and events, the Meadows Marathon 2021 team have decided to implement sustainable solutions into our project and raise awareness about climate change.

By our actions we are supporting four Sustainable Development Goals founded by the United Nations in 2015 recognising the most urgent areas to develop within our virtual running event.

Those are our chosen Sustainable Development Goals that we have adapted:

Over 20th-21st March, more than 100 runners will have the possibility to participate virtually in Meadows Marathon, running 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon distances promoting good health and well-being.

Responsible consumption and production have been at the forefront of the planning and delivery of our runner packs.

The runner packs therefore consist of:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts

  • Recyclable wrapping & tissue paper (100% recycled & biodegradable)

  • Reusable merchandise

  • Re-used items from previous years

  • Printer-friendly running numbers, issued virtually so those that wish to go without can save paper

  • Kraft Paper "Fragile" tape, as opposed to non-recyclable tape

We have minimised our carbon footprint by delivering running packs ourselves within the Edinburgh area, thanks to our lovely volunteers.

By partnering with Trees Not Tees we gave the participants the opportunity to plant a tree instead of receiving their running t-shirt. This scheme has been hugely popular, with the majority of runners opting to partake in the scheme.

In association with Rainforest Trust, each runner is having an acre of rainforest conserved in their name.

How to recycle your runner pack after the event?

• Dissolve the biodegradable peanuts in water. We recommend doing this while washing dishes to prevent wasting water.

Recycle the cardboard box, wrapping & tissue paper. If your runner pack was shipped using a courier, it will have paper "Fragile" tape, which is recyclable. All of these items are widely recyclable using your kerbside recycling bin.

Note: Your Performance M:X Concentrate pouch is not recyclable, and must be disposed of in general waste. To make the transport of general waste as sustainable as possible, fold it up as tightly as you can before putting it in the bin!

Final word from our Sustainability & Diversity Officer - Natalia Jurkun

I hope that our event will be a great example of sustainability and will encourage you to open your mind to sustainable solutions even in your daily life! Good luck with your run!

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