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Quas Drinks

The below blog post was penned by our kind sponsors, Quas Drinks.

Quas Drinks is an Edinburgh-based health beverage start-up founded by myself (Anton Puzorjov, PhD) and my co-founder Jessie Fitts in 2021.

The rates of cancer, asthma, allergies, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (also known as non-communicable chronic diseases) in the Western world are increasing. All of these are driven by chronic inflammation, which is controlled by bacteria living in our gut. Our diets today are very different from what we consumed thousands of years ago and as a result, we have lost the diversity of essential healthy gut bacteria that help our bodies function optimally. These changes could be a causative or contributing factor to the mentioned diseases.

At Quas we aim to help people to reduce the risks of non-communicable chronic diseases by improving the gut microbiome through live probiotic bacteria delivered as an everyday delicious non-alcoholic beverage!

Meadows Marathon was a great opportunity for hundreds of local people to experience first-hand the taste of Quas and introduce them to our brand and values. In fact, I was the lucky winner of the Meadows Marathon 5K race in 2017 and 2019, and I remember how great it was to get a refreshing drink at the finish line! Therefore, supporting the runners of Meadows Marathon 2022 was really a no-brainer option!

The organising team behind the event was super helpful and did everything they could to make the event enjoyable and run smoothly for everyone involved. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be involved and looking forward to next year’s event!

Until then, let's keep in touch!

Instagram - @QuasDrinks

Website - ​​


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