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We are looking for an enthusiastic and competent committee to lead the planning of the event. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to develop skills and gain experience working on a largescale event.


All roles involve a challenging amount of liaising with councils, students and other groups, and this experience will be a key part of your involvement in Meadows Marathon. The committee will be supported by a staff member who will attend all the regular meetings.


Below you can find the list of committee roles available.    


The Meadows Marathon Coordinator oversees the entire committee, as well as engages with external stakeholders and ensures the committee has a clear to-do list of delegated tasks. The Coordinator is responsible for completing the relevant paperwork, such as the budget, and submitting it to the Board of Trustees on time. A great deal of their time is committed during the event.



The Vice Coordinator (Publicity) works closely with the Coordinator to make sure Meadows Marathon is as well publicised as possible. As well as overseeing and managing the entire committee alongside the VC (Operations), they aim to achieve maximum event exposure by collaborating with external sources (sponsors, photographers, press, etc.). Particularly in the lead-up to the event, they devote a significant amount of time. 



Working closely with the Coordinator to ensure the smooth running of the event, the Vice Coordinator (Operations) co-manages the entire committee alongside the VC (Publicity). They engage with external parties such as City of Edinburgh Council, the University of Edinburgh, and a variety of suppliers. They also dedicate a significant amount of their time to the event, especially in the immediate run up. 



It is the Registration Officer's responsibility to oversee the registration process from beginning to end. They set up and manage the online platform, ensuring that the runner quota is not exceeded for each race, as well as plan on-site registration. It is essential for this person to be organised, efficient and friendly because he or she will be the main point of contact for all participants. The Registration Officer reports to the MM Coordinator and must be willing to check emails/messages regularly.



The Marketing Officer reports directly to the VC (Publicity) and is responsible for all aspects of marketing the race, together with the Social Media Officer. As well as using marketing tools, it requires attention to detail and steady commitment in the months leading up to the race. It is important that this individual is confident in following marketing trends and news, developing new marketing strategies, and implementing all marketing efforts in accordance with the MM brand strategy and tone of voice. 



The Social Media Officer reports to the VC (Publicity) and manages all social media channels, working collaboratively with the Marketing Officer to maximise event exposure. They must maintain a steady pace throughout the marathon and pay close attention to detail, be highly organised, artistic, and capable of multitasking. They are responsible for developing social media campaigns, creating social media content, including copywriting, and ensuring all marketing aligns with the chosen charities' values.



This role involves thinking about all the practical aspects of the event, including organising water, communicating with the university on the route, and ensuring that the event has everything it requires to succeed. In addition to being extremely efficient, the Logistics Coordinator reports directly to the Vice Coordinator (Operations), securing all appropriate licenses. 



In order to ensure Meadows Marathon is successful, this role requires a keen eye for detail and practical thinking ability. The Health and Safety Officer must work directly with and report to the Vice Coordinator (Operations), as well as devote a considerable amount of time to reviewing and updating the event plan, including risk assessments.



t is the responsibility of the Volunteers Officer, who will liaise with universities and volunteering portals to recruit volunteers for race day. They will have a lot of responsibility near the event date but may need to assist with additional ad hoc tasks. They also plan and conduct training sessions, and serve as a main point of contact for all volunteers.



The Community Engagement Officer reports directly to the VC (Publicity) and is primarily responsible for managing community relationships. This individual should have excellent interpersonal skills and be positive and enthusiastic. Sourcing sponsorship opportunities, as well as developing sponsorship agreements, is an integral part of this role, as well as ensuring sponsorship requirements are met.



The Welfare Officer will ensure the welfare of volunteers and runners on race day, as well as provide additional support to the team. This individual should be a great communicator, approachable and practical. Additionally, the Welfare Officer also works closely with the Health and Safety Officer in order to minimise risks. Although duties are primarily required in the run up to the event, this position can be completely flexible.



The Support Officer will report to the Vice Coordinators and will be able to assist them with any additional ad-hoc tasks they may need completed as and when required. This role is completely flexible, and it is possible to adjust the requirements of this role depending on the availability, capacity, and needs of both the volunteer and the committee.

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If you would like to discuss these roles in more detail before applying, or to register your interest for any of the above roles, please feel free to get in touch with Georgia Traylor, ESCA Appeal Coordinator on

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