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The Running Girls

We caught up with Annie & Lauren (The Running Girls) to find out what makes Meadows Marathon so special:

"The Meadows Marathon is a love-hate relationship for us…as we HATE laps. We find them so challenging and a real mental test BUT this is why we love the Meadows Marathon and keep coming back year after year as the sense of achievement we feel crossing that finish line is simply incredible!"

There are so many great things about this race: 

  • ✅  mixture of distances so you can race the distance that suits you best

  • ✅  loops make it perfect for support as you pass friends and family several times during the race

  • ✅ if you’re doing a spring marathon, the meadows half is the perfect training race. If you have the mental strength to do 9 laps you are well on your way to that marathon

  • ✅  it’s surrounded by amazing food and coffee shops for treats and celebrations afterwards.

This is exactly what we’ll be doing with those medals proudly around our necks on 3rd March! Bring on the laps! We love you really! 

We can't wait to welcome the girls back to Meadows Marathon on Sunday 3rd March. You can catch up with them on Instagram @the_running_girls.


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