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Pilton Community Health Project

Who are Pilton Community Health Project?

Pilton Community Health Project believes in Equality, Wellbeing and Belonging for all and we work alongside local people to build healthier, happier lives.  We believe the right to good health is a fundamental human right and the widening health inequalities gap in our city means that not everyone is enjoying their human right. Our focus is North Edinburgh.  Close by, many people and families living in our community are disproportionately affected by long term poverty, the aftermaths of the pandemic, and now the cost of living crisis.  

In our 40th year, we have a rich history of encouraging local voice, campaigning and drawing connections between health and the conditions in which we live.  We continue to be community led, working alongside local people to listen, offer practical and emotional support at times of crisis, tackle isolation and loneliness, and build personal and community capacity.  Our team of nine workers is enriched by 43 volunteers and we have the wider benefits of hosting the Volunteer Edinburgh Community Development Worker within our welcoming Community Hub. 

Through our unique Community Wellbeing Programme underpinned by the evidence based Five Ways to Wellbeing we work closely with local people and families, building trusted relationships to ensure the best understanding we can give for each and every person and family we meet and support.  We offer a blend of 1 to 1 support, group activities, learning and information events, drop ins and collaborative responses to local needs. 

Close to our heart are our student placements, bringing passion and vibrancy to the team.  Our strong links with the University of Edinburgh are well established including annual Social Work student placements and Medical Students’ community practicals.  

In our 40th year, our work in North Edinburgh remains critical. We want fairness and social justice for local people and their families. The health inequalities gap is getting wider and the human right to good health is not being enjoyed throughout our city.   

A message from Pilton Community Health Project...

It was wonderful news to be chosen as one of ESCA’s chosen charities this year!  We want to thank everyone involved in organising and running in the 2024 Meadows Marathon.  The Marathon always has an incredible impact and this year it will change lives in North Edinburgh. Thank you so much for all your efforts and support through the 2024 Meadows Marathon. 


Dawn Anderson

Director, Pilton Community Health Project

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