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Hi Runners!


We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the wonderful Meadows Marathon team who have worked tirelessly over the last six months to ensure this race is a success. They did not expect the past few months to be as challenging as they have, but the team have taken on the challenge and done a truly fantastic job! It is because of their dedication, talent, and passion that this weekend can be the achievement story that it is.


Alistair Stewart

Joint Coordinator | Marketing

Without Alistair's enthusiasm, dedication and expertise, #MM23 would not have been a success to the scale that it has. Together with our Marketing Officer Helen, he has created an effective marketing plan and has found new, innovative and creative methods of marketing the event, whilst maintaining our website. Prior to our Volunteer Officer Judi joining the team, he headed up the volunteer recruitment process and played an instrumental role in engaging volunteers for on- the-day assistance.


Patrick Hughes

Joint Coordinator | Logistics & Operations

Patrick has primarily been responsible for overseeing and leading the Logistics and Operations of #MM23, even with the challenges presented to him in this role, he has taken full advantage of the experience and has played an integral role in the Meadows Marathon team. With his commitment, talent, and brilliant personality, he has been an invaluable member of the team this year and has been a real asset to the whole organisation, highlighting each individual team member's strengths throughout the planning process.


Helen Rowe

Marketing Officer

Helen has remained devoted, diligent, and optimistic throughout the planning process. The brains behind our fantastic social media content, and while she normally hides behind the posts, we want to make sure that her efforts don’t go unnoticed! As a committee member this year, Helen kept runners in the loop on race updates and engaged many with #MM23. At every stage, Helen has embraced her role with a smile, and she never fails to motivate the rest of the team.


Sian Griffin

Logistics and Health & Safety Officer

The energy, enthusiasm, and all-round brilliance Sian brings rare unbeatable. This being her second year involved with the event - she has been a source of expertise for her team members. She has played a crucial role as Logistics and Health & Safety Officer, working closely with Patrick. Her dedication to your health and safety is indispensable. She has worked on coordinating with suppliers and guaranteeing that #MM23 is organised to the highest standard.


Max Altaras

Registration Officer

Our Registration Officer, Max, has been working closely with RaceNation to ensure that the registration process is as straightforward as possible this year. We are thrilled that he is a member of the Meadows Marathon Team, as he keeps everyone informed about ticket sales and collaborates with the Marketing Officer to 'MAX'imise all #MM23 promotions effectively. We are delighted to have had him on the team, as he is an absolute pleasure to be around!


Judi Bergen

Volunteer Officer

Even though Judi has only been the Volunteer Officer for a few weeks, she has taken on the role with a lot of enthusiasm and has made it her own. With the assistance of our coordinators, Alistair & Patrick, she successfully conducted the volunteer training programme, and with her many years of experience, she has proven to be an extremely valuable member of and an excellent addition to the #MM23 team. It is admirable how she approaches every situation with a positive attitude and we are extremely grateful that she came on board!

A note from ESCA’s Appeal Coordinator

It is always a great pleasure to see what the student body can achieve when given the right encouragement and support. However, this year’s #MM23 committee have blown me away. Not only have they been battling the lingering effects of COVID on the events industry, they have been working with half the committee members they would usually have.

They have not only gotten by – they have thrived and worked incessantly to bring the best possible event to our runners whilst also encouraging fundraising for so many important causes who need it now more than ever. It has been ESCA’s pleasure to fund and support these students and I can’t wait to see what they take away from this experience!

Fundraising Reminder

Don't forget: Meadows Marathon was originally established to help raise funds for community organisations in need, which is why we encourage you to raise as much as you can for the benefit of them. This year, our charities of choice are: Street Assist Edinburgh, Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland, and Women for Women International. With our current fundraising total of just over £1,300, we are well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal of over £2,000. Keep up the good work!

Final Thanks

The final word of thanks goes out to each and every one of our runners this year. We cannot thank you enough for your participation this year! We are so proud of #MM23 and it would not have been possible without you!

See you at the finish line!


The Meadows Marathon 2023 Team


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