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Running a Virtual Race: Safety Tips

Your safety is vital to us. Here is a list of tips to keep you safe while running.


· Check out our Q&A with Sahar Khan and Mike James from My Finish Line to get professional advice about running and preparing for your races.

· Plan your route ahead and send it to someone – if you are to get injured and unable to get help, they will be able to limit areas to search for you.

· Depending on the type of distance you are running, make sure you eat before to fuel your body

· Make yourself visible – wear bright colours and reflective gear

· Always warm up and stretch to prevent injury before starting your run


· Never assume you are seen – double check before running on to roads and slow down going round corners

· If you have to run on the road, run towards traffic so you can see the traffic coming towards you

· Ensure you are not distracted – lower music or wear one earbud so you can hear what is going on around you

· Run with a friend (or a dog) – if something happens, there is someone to get help quickly, particularly if you are running off road or somewhere rural. If lockdown measures are in place, make sure to keep your distance

· Take your phone and have it accessible – You can also share your location with your friends and family to keep you safe

· Run during the day if you can so you can see more clearly

· Listen to your body – don’t push if it will cause injury


· Always stretch and cool down after a run to help your body recover

· Rehydrate – don’t forget to drink water to keep your body functioning properly and to avoid muscle cramps and dizziness

· Refuel – Eating will help repair any damage that occurs during the run and seep up recovery, a good snack idea may be a banana, dried fruit, nuts and yoghurt or an egg white omelette with spinach

· Rest and recover – It’s vital to let your body recover from the strain it has been placed under, take the time to relax and let your body heal


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